Beginners' Programme

Level 1 will be taught this year by none other than JOLANDA SNELLENBERG. Jolanda is joining our team for the third year in a row, and we are proud of it! This year she will not be teaching the higher levels, but she will share her knowledge and experience with the beginners. With Jolanda as a teacher, level 1 will be dancing like a pro! Jolanda will be assisted by the lovely dancer Janniek Wester.

Level 1 will be a bit different than last year, and will only have workshops on SATURDAY. That means that if it’s your first time doing balfolk, you don’t have to join an entire weekend while you just want to try it out first. The price will be lower as well: a ticket is €50, for 3 workshops (2×3 hr and 1×1 hr), breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the ball on Saturday night. If you prefer to join for the entire weekend we have good news! You can come to the Friday and Sunday balls for free, as a present from us! This offer is only for new dancers that are participating in the level 1 workshops on Saturday.

Is Enschede a bit far away and we start too early? For 20 euro you can book two nights in a log cabin. You will sleep there with other participants, and they are located on the campus. It’s a good place to stay, because you can stay up late on Saturday night, and decide on the spot if you want to stay on Sunday as well for the ball. We will also offer you breakfast and lunch if you do, so you don’t need to miss out on the festival vibes. NB: the log cabins are sold out. You can still register for the waiting list.